Forest Treasures
Harvesting wild herbs, berries or mushrooms

A trip to Kuusamo forest will introduce you to the treasures of nature. 

We will learn to recognise and gather various wild herbs, berries and mushrooms, depending on the season. We will also learn about how to use them.

During the trip we can enjoy the diversity and tranquillity of nature, and pay attention to sustainable ways of trekking and gathering the precious forest treasures.

The trip is suitable for new enthusiasts and beginners, and also for those who already have some experience of harvesting.

The trip to the forest is also well-suited for companies to enhance their employees’ well-being at work.

  • Duration and price:

    Duration 2h €35 per person, 2-10 people
    Duration 5h €90 per person, 3-10 people (incl. picnic lunch)
    Duration 6h €120 per person, 3-10 people (incl. soup lunch)

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