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Welcome to be our guest at the reindeer farm

“For us, all our customers are guests. In all our operations, we always treat our guests equally and comprehensively, regardless of their status, life situation, gender, age, religion, culture, race, beliefs, or opinions.” 

Palosaari Reindeer and Fishing Farm values and ethical guidelines


Visit us and spend some time in the enchanting world of reindeer, fishing, and nature wellbeing. We offer exciting experiences every day of the year.

In spring, the wonders of new beginnings with the births of calves, preparation of soil, ploughing and planting, soil marks in a gardener’s hands.

The summer chores of mending fences, earmarking calves, hay making, cutting leaves, the thrill of the midnight sunlight. 

In summer, feeding the reindeer in the enclosure, harvesting the treasures of the forest, enjoying nature with all our senses. 

The crystal clear waters on fishing trips, tight lines and the beauty of nature.

Fishing for trout with flies or spinning lures in the local clear waters or at the foot of a fell in the Swedish tundra.


In autumn, harvest from the land and forest, the mood of darkening evenings, and reindeer roundups.


In winter, hundreds of kilometres of untouched snow drifts, worrying about lost reindeer after summer, reindeer training, the wonderful beauty of frosty days.

In winter, the reindeer are driven through a genuine winter wonderland. Treats are served, and you can learn about the ways of the reindeer. We will enjoy the open fire at Kammi shelter and tell stories about the life of reindeer herders, both ancient and modern.

On an ice-fishing trip you may catch rainbow trout, whitefish or perch. Or you can set out to Swedish fells to ice-fish for trout. 


Above all, the happy faces of guests. These are the building blocks of our days.

You are welcome to experience special moments at our home!

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