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Lady Shaman ́s visit

Lady Shaman ́s visit is suitable for a welcome or departure ceremony for tourists or as a program number for events or celebrations.
Lady Shaman welcomes guests to Kuusamo. She tells a short story about life here in the realm of reindeer, based on the life of reindeer herders because the family of Lady Shaman has been reindeer herders for several generations.
With the forces of nature, she performs magic, ensuring that all good memories of the trip are etched in the visitor’s mind. She also gives instructions for a happy life while taking the guests into her own protection so that they are safe and always welcome back to Kuusamo.

  • Duration:
    15-30 min. according to the customer’s wishes and the size of the group
  • Price:
    200 €
  • Price incl.:
    incl. Travel allowance in the Ruka-Kuusamo area

Bookings and inguiries

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