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Reindeer Farm Visit

We visit the reindeer enclosure where you can take pictures and get to know the reindeer as animals. Have you heard the snap of a reindeer’s feet or the sound it makes when they munch on their lichen delicacies? What about Did you know that the appearance of reindeer changes all the time, because they e.g. shed their fur and grow and shed their antlers every year?

When the reindeer have had their treat, we move to Kammi, where it’s your turn to enjoy soot pot coffee, reindeer sausage and home made cookies by the campfire. We are also happy to tell stories about the ancient lifestyle of reindeer husbandry.

Finally, we also visit the historic reindeer farm’s over 100-year-old, old house handcraft shop.

  • Duration:
    2 h
  • Price:
    30 € /adult, 15 € /child 4-12 years
  • Price incl.:
    Reindeer sausages grilled by the fire, coffee/tea/juice and home made cookies
  • Group size:
    Min 4 person

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