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Author: Mika Lappalainen

Belly boat

Year 2009, I have just bought belly boat/drifter/ floating ring. Pick name you like to use. It was also first fishing trip for Satu with me, well it was holiday trip and little bit fishing. If you ask from Satu it was fishing trip with little bit holiday. Anyway, we headed to Sweden and Stora Sjöfallet. It was exploring trip, I had never been there or never heard anything about that area. Just looking map and trying to find something which could be nice to fish and also see nature. So when we...

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Year of the Mad Max

It is last day of the year 2020 when I’m writing this. When this is alive it will be first day of 2021. I was imagine that this FP should be how awesome past has been and how great new one will be.  On March and April I was worried how we get thru this year and just waiting this winter when everything will be more or less back normal. Winter has started and it far away from normal. We have normally in Christmas season about 700 guests visiting us, now it has been about 30 people. Rest of the winter...

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Explore and find your Eldorado

There are plenty of groups and pages for fishing in Facebook. I’m just talking about those which are in Finnish. There is one for fisherman, flyfishing, flytying, flyfisherman, fishing, responsible fisherman etc. It is endless list. I’m not saying is not good but there is other side of coin which is ruining something. Or maybe it is just me and me being old-fashioned and asshole. Before social media exploded there was just internet and before that magazines and books. If you wanted some information...

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Frosty Nights and Sunny Days

Winter is just behind of the corner. How you know? Frosty nights with northern lights, our reindeer coming back home and sunny chilly days with great dryfly fishing. This all is happening just before snow falls and season is ending totally. Fishing season in my region is short comparing many others but now we have one of the highlights. Frosty nights, temperature can drop close to -10 celsius allready and small ponds are freezing over. First sign of coming winter, well not the first actually....

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Coming out from closet

This is not first time, probably won’t be the last either. My first time was 1999. I had been flyfishing about one year when I told my friends about this. Flyfishing was considered to be elitist sport, little bit same than golf. That was case at least amongst my friends on that time. And so I kept flyfishing alone.  So let’s go again. Fishing season is short in my region. Season is starting 1st of June and bigger rivers are closing 31th of August. Some smaller rivers are open all year around...

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Dream Come True

Paul asked if I would like to write to frontpage and tell about fishing in Finland. Why not? But I will write also about Sweden and Russia because, there are waters I’m fishing on. I was wondering what would be my starter to frontpage, but after Paul’s introduction, I thought that Varzina would be nice. It is one of finest if not best trout rivers in the world. I met Paul and Ashly, when they were going there and I had to reject Paul’s offer at helicopter field. That was 2016. Year 2020 we are...

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