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Year of the Mad Max

Year of the Mad Max

Year of the Mad MaxIt is last day of the year 2020 when I’m writing this. When this is alive it will be first day of 2021. I was imagine that this FP should be how awesome past has been and how great new one will be.  On March and April I was worried how we get thru this year and just waiting this winter when everything will be more or less back normal. Winter has started and it far away from normal. We have normally in Christmas season about 700 guests visiting us, now it has been about 30 people. Rest of the winter is looking like that. So year 2021 is looking like hell for us. But…..

Past year was great with fishing, not easy but I had great time with guests. I was not fishing so much myself like I thought but I’m happy that I had lot of guiding trips. Last summer was divided, there was high water in begin of season which made fishing quite difficult. Then we had warm season and waters dropped fast and fishing was again difficult. When I talk about difficult fishing I mean with bigger fishes. During the summer we got less over 40 cm graylings  than ever before. There is few options why. One is that there is less bigger fish in river nowadays than earlier. One is that they were just hiding because fast chancing cirmustances.

I hope that it is last one but kind of I know and fear that it is first one. People are talking about fishing pressure which is making big ones dissapear. Fishing pressure, means that there is lot of people fishing, won’t kill fishes. Killing fish kills the fish. Everyone knows that but…..

Next summer we should have fly fishing world championship in our rivers. Then we know if big ones are gone or just hiding. When best of the best are coming there are no hideout for big ones. I know that rules favors more amount than size but there should be some accident big ones anyway. I hope that first time in my life I’m wrong and big ones are just hiding, not gone because killing.

Past year we missed some great trips also. Luckily we had some quality in our fishing so it equals missing trips. I was not fishing as much I was hoping and most of all I was missing re-union with friends. For me that is big part of good fishing trip when you are able to share it in great company.

Like I told coming year is looking like hell, I have no idea how winter will end up. Mad Max movie is timed to year 2021. This year, so I don’t except lot from year 2021. I just hope that summer will come soon and I can go fishing, then it doesn’t matter if world is like in Mad Max. If I can just fish. I have few plans for coming summer, I will tell more about them when time is getting closer. What I really desire now is summer and fishing. That is where all the troubles fade away.

But I have also had more time with family and reindeer. It has been awesome. Time to sit and talk with daughters and watch reindeers, it is almost same like watching river. Learning experience.

I want to thank all of you reading my FPs, I have enjoyed writing them. Looking forward to year 2021, even it would be like in Mad Max. Paul I’m still aiming for 2022 to be there. 2021 we will fish in Scandinavia. 

Happy new year and fish a lot!

Mika the Legend

Ps. My last guiding trip was Tuesday, ice fishing , not much success but great time.